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The World Between Buns

Founder and Head Chef, Wil Montano Jr’s, greatest joy is feeding people while inspiring them to taste foods and flavors they’ve never had before. Sloppy’s was born out of Wil’s passion to bring new approaches and unique flavor combinations to everyday comfort foods. Wil grew up cooking with his family as a child in California and worked in his first kitchen in Seattle while attending art school. Although Wil had a successful career as a graphic designer in California, he always cooked as a “hobby”. Inspired by the abundance of fresh ingredients and international cuisine of the Bay Area, he sought out restaurants and street food of every type of international food you can imagine to continually try new cuisines and dishes. He scoured ethnic groceries, farmers markets, butcher shops, and fish houses for the most fresh and flavorful ingredients replicating his favorite dishes and flavor profiles at home. It became clear to everyone that ate Wil’s food, that his true talent was cooking, his love language was food and he had a unique ability to fuse classic American dishes with international flavors. 

Realizing life is too short to not do what you love, Wil and his family left California to move back to Indiana where his wife, Katie, is from so they could pursue their dreams of starting their own business. Since then, Wil has poured his heart and soul into creating Sloppy’s with his family by his side. He can’t wait to share his labor of love with you! 

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